Pain relief through movement & education
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Adventure racing in Dingle

Quest Adventure Video Series

This video series covers anything to do with running, cycling and kayaking.

1: Posture on the bike. Important to get this right in order to reduce risk of low back and neck pain.

2: Why a level pelvis is important for running and how to work on this.

3: The art of running downhill. Some do’s and don’ts worth remembering.

4: Top recommended exercise for Runners, Cyclists and Kayakers

5: Common knee pain with running

6: Hip mobility with some added humour!

7: Top 5 tips with 5 days to go before your Adventure Race

Ring of Beara Cycle Kenmare

The Ring of Beara Cycle Video Series

This 8 part video series covers a variety of topics around cycling.  From how to fix punctures to appropriate strength exercises.  Enjoy.

1:  How to change a tube after a puncture.

2: How to maintain your chain and how to use your gears more efficiently

3:  The three most appropriate strength exercises for cyclists

4:  How to change your cleats on your bike shoes

5: Clipping in and pedaling technique

6: Lance SnowArmstrong Physio Bike Fit – Special Edition

7: Bike Handling

hockey strength exercises

Three important exercises for field hockey players

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift. Very important to get the hamstring strong in a lengthened position. As this is the position the hamstring finds itself when controlling the ball in field hockey.

Lunge for strength exercise. This is such a common position in hockey, so it is wise to strengthen up the muscles that co-ordinate this movement in order to reduce risk of injury and to improve performance.

Lastly, a low back mobility exercise that ensures normal movement at the lumbar spine, since hockey players find themselves in a rigid low back posture a lot when playing, they are at a higher risk of developing a abnormal movement pattern at the low back and so increase risk of back pain. This video shows what normal movement is and how to practice it.

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