Pain relief through movement & education
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To Move Fit is to move with normal functional patterns.

The Move Fit Screening Assessment will look for any restrictions in your movement, weaknesses or imbalances between your left and right lower and upper limbs.


movement screening

Why have a functional movement assessment?

Limitations in your movement will impact on your sport or hobby, through restricting improvements to your technique, and will also result in an increased risk of injury.  There is mounting evidence to show how performing a movement screening assessment and rehabilitation programme will reduce injury rate in sports teams. One such study demonstrated an 88% decrease in anterior cruciate ligament injuries in a group of 3000 female footballers, all within a one year period.

The development of abnormal movement patterns can result from a number of factors.  One of the main reasons is due to a history of previous injury.  People who have had injuries in the past may have poor proprioception following ineffective rehabilitation. Proprioception is your brain's ability to know where all of your joints are in space, i.e. to have a positional sense of where your body is, at all times.

Poor proprioception will have a knock on effect on functional movement patterns.


What's involved?

The Move Fit Screening includes the assessment of:

  • Posture
  • Muscle strength
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Core Strength
  • Agility/Hopping quality
  • Functional movement patterns

If we find any movement impairment, we then write up a personalised rehabilitation programme, guide you through it at the clinic and inform you on how to self manage and progress, independently.

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