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Take the time to improve your understanding of nutrition to empower you to make independent healthier food choices.

One to one nutritional consultations are offered on request.  I emphasis the importance of understanding how the body manages different diets and what happens to the blood sugar levels with eating certain foods at certain times.  Once understood, the client will be in a position to make better more informed dietary decisions.


Pre-Nutrition Consultation Questionnaire

You will need to fill out a pre-nutritional consultation questionnaire which can be downloaded here



What's involved?

The initial session is one hour in length.  You can have your height, weight and body fat percentage measured here at this session.  The session will go over the pre-nutrition assessment questionnaire and we will introduce the important nutritional points regarding blood sugar control and appetite control in an easy-to-understand fashion.  We can use the portable metabolic gas analyser to get an accurate insight into what fuel your body prefers to use and also find out what your basic calorie requirements are.  This information allows for a much more individualised approach whatever your goal may be.  Read more about the gas analyser here.

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