Pain relief through movement & education
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Back pain can be complex, simply because there can be so many drivers to your back pain.  The most common drivers of back pain are as follows:

  • Abnormal movement patterns which emerge following an acute onset of back pain
  • Irritating postures in standing and sitting
  • Altered beliefs as to the reason for back pain
  • Simple muscle strain
  • Lumbar vertabrae/joint irritation
  • Nerve pain from sensitised neural tissue
  • Actual nerve root compression from a protruding disc  (this is down the list as it is not commonly seen)

Back pain is, believe it or not, an exciting topic for me, I’ve been on many courses on low back pain in order to find the best and most effective approach to this commonly seen presentation.  80% of us will have an acute episode of low back pain in our life.  This acute episode can manifest to a persistent state if not treated effectively.  The common reason for acute back pain progressing to persistent back pain is down to the patient adopting the aforementioned abnormal movement patterns along combined with skewed beliefs on their back pain.  The treatment approach I take for people with low back pain is to chat around their beliefs and worries.  I make sure my patient then understands the actual facts to the source of their low back pain after observing them move in clinic along with some objective tests.  Treatment will mainly involve manual therapy (joint movement and deep tissue massage).  It is hugely important to correct any abnormal movement patterns or postures that exist.  Any muscle weakness, typically around the hips, will be addressed with a strengthening exercise programme.  All exercises will either have a video link or permission from the patient to record them performing the exercise.

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