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A little about the Resting Metabolic Rate test or RMR

The resting metabolic rate test is used to determine the proportion of energy that the client uses at rest coming from carbohydrate and what proportion comes from fat.  Knowing this ratio is a vital component in tailored diet and exercise prescription for weight loss.  It will also give us an accurate calorie intake required for a client’s basic requirements, from which a suitable daily calorie intake can be determined.

Its use in healthy sustained weight loss

People looking to lose weight should have a high proportion of their daily calorie expenditure coming from their fat stores, ie to be efficient at fat oxidation.  A 70:30 ratio of fat: carbohydrate is the goal.  This is what leads to successful and lasting weight loss.
The diet and exercise plan can be manipulated to cause a higher proportion of calorie expenditure to come from fat stores.
Each resting metabolic rate test will take 10mins.  Clients can combine this test with a nutrition consultation to complete the picture.  If combining this test with a nutrition consultation, you will be asked to record a five day food diary.  The food diary and RMR test results are used during the nutrition consultation to help steer you in the right direction for your desired goal. 

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