Pain relief through movement & education
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Understand how to get your Nutrition and Exercise working well together.


This is something I am very very excited to offer.  The main focus of these sessions will be to improve your understanding of nutrition and how to get the right balance and food choice in your life. I want to steer the sessions towards a better understanding rather than an “eat this but don’t eat that” pre-made meal planner, because we know from experience and research that these sort of diets do not work.  Much like physiotherapy, improving your knowledge of nutrition will lead to a more informed you, more empowered to make your own dietary decisions.

The one to one nutritional consultations will cover the following:

  • A look into your current dietary choices, habits and reasons why.  This information will be taken from the pre-nutritional screening questionnaire that you will fill out before arriving.
  • Weight, height, body fat percentage and waist:hip ratio will be taken if happy to do so.
  • Brief discussion around current activity levels and opportunity here to bring up any painful symptoms stopping your activity
  • Easy to understand chat around blood sugar levels and their importance around weight management
  • Nutrition Periodisation : Simply put, eating appropriately to your activity levels in terms of food choices, lower carbohydrate intake when appropriate to do so and importance of eating times
  • Opportunity to ask questions around your dietary habits and

Once you gain an understanding of the above topics you will be in a much better position to make healthier, more informed dietary decisions.

You will need to fill out a pre-nutritional consultation questionnaire, which can be downloaded here

The initial session is one hour in length.


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