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An insight into carbohydrate loading

Digest this blog like you do your post-run meals and you will be well informed of the science behind carbohydrate-loading in time for the big day.

Step one  –       Understand the Science.

When you run, your muscles require fuel to move.  This fuel is called Glycogen.  Glycogen is simply sugar stored with water in your muscle cells, and also your liver cells.  I can safely say that anyone reading this who has been training for months and eating well in preparation for the Dublin marathon will have bigger glycogen storing capacity in their muscles now compared to a time when you were not regularly training.  There is the potential to almost double the size of your glycogen stores with regular training and sufficient carbohydrate daily intake.  This is yet another added benefit to regular exercise, in that the more you do, the better your body becomes at doing it.

Carbohydrate loading is the topping up of these glycogen stores to the absolute max so that your muscles have a full tank of fuel on the day.  Why then is there the need for thousands and thousands of gel sachets available on the streets of Dublin come October 26th, because no human has a tank big enough to get around the 26.2miles without adding some more fuel into the furnace.  So whether you’re a glass half empty or half full person, in this instance, make sure it’s completely full.Read More

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