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Bendy backs

Back pain:don’t blame your bed, blame your head!

A personal story of overcoming persistent low back pain.

I hear this in clinic a lot, “I even bought a new mattress and it still hasn’t improved”.  The mattress that was minding its own business for many years, that provided many comfy nights, suddenly becomes the target of blame, and gets replaced at the drop of a hat! I am speaking from my own personal experience here also, having bought an orthopaedic mattress when I complained of back pain from 2001 until 2007 –  more on this later.  We are going to discuss the array of myths and public perceptions surrounding back pain.  An old mattress being a cause of, or contributory factor to back pain, is one such myth.

There is a brilliant article in the Irish Independent by an established Irish physiotherapist and researcher named Kieran O’Sullivan Read More

Has knee pain stopped your running?

Do you experience knee pain when running?

If you have answered yes to the above question then this blog post is for you! Today we will focus on a very specific yet common issue that is the problem of knee pain whilst running. This blog post explains why this occurs and gives you the advice and tools to prevent knee pain during exercise.

I think it is fair to say that running and taking part in challenges such as Tough Mudder or Run’a’muc have seen a steady rise in participants over the past few years.

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Knee pain when running. Part two. What to do.

Welcome back to Madison Square Gardens for the fight of the century.  The bell has just sounded to signal the boxers back to the ring.  I can tell you now, it will need to ring a little louder to wake up The Tendon Tornado after the pounding he took in the last round!  Ground Force Frederick is commanding this fight.  The Tendon Tornado’s corner team should listen to the following advice to have any chance back into this fight.

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