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Nutrition for Performance (Includes testing)

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This session is all about using objective data from your gas analysis fitness test to steer the nutrition plan for your sport in the right direction.  Prior to the appointment, a detailed dietary questionnaire will be sent to you to fill out and you will be asked to bring along a record of your food intake for at least 5 days.  You will learn “why” certain food choices and eating times can negatively impact on your dietary goals, this way you will be able to reduce the incidence of the same repeated mistakes happening in the future.

​A metabolic gas analysis fitness test, such as a VO2Max ramp test will reveal many important findings.  One finding is the point at which you change over from burning fats as the predominant fuel source to predominantly burning carbs.  This crossover point will happen at a certain heart rate and wattage in your test.  If you are an endurance athlete, the plan is to train scientifically so that you can push more watts or run at a higher pace before this crossover point occurs.  Thereby becoming more efficient at burning fats at higher intensities.

Metabolic Vo2 Max testing on treadmillThe PNOE metabolic gas analyser can also be used to calculate how many calories you will need per hour in your race if you know what power output or heart rate you will be maintaining during your race.  A good example of this is a marathon.  The ramp test will show a close approximation of how many calories are consumed per minute at various levels of exercise intensity.  A different fitness test, one that has the athlete working at the various levels of intensity for longer, is required to get more accurate fuel usage and calorie requirements.  This information can be used as a nutrition plan for training and race day.

We can find out your body fat percentage using a calipers to measure skinfold thickness and it can be reassessed in the future with a goal in mind.

You can add on a RMR test to this session to allow us to accurately measure your resting caloric needs and your rate of metabolism.  These are important measurements when building nutrition and exercise plans. More info on RMR HERE

You will improve your understanding of the different energy systems used by the body, which will help you to pick the right foods at the right time when it comes to pre, during and post exercise.  This means better results in less time.

For more info on the VO2Max fitness test using the PNOE portable gas analysis unit, click here.

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