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The nutritional consultation will be in two parts and will cover the following:

Part One

Resting metabolic rate will be measured using the PNOE gas analysis unit in order to accurately identify the ratio of carbohydrate : fat that your body uses as fuel when at rest.  This is a key ratio to look at for both general health and for achieving healthy weight loss.  We have research showing successful and sustained weight loss is achieved through moving this ratio towards a 70:30 fat: carbohydrate balance.

The RMR test is only measured after you have fasted from food and caffeine for at least 6 hours and have abstained from intense exercise for 24hours.  We tend to carry out RMR measurements in the morning for this reason.

Weight, height, body fat percentage, and waist:hip ratio will be taken, if happy to do so.

Brief discussion around current activity levels and an opportunity here to bring up any painful symptoms stopping your activity

Part Two

A zoom call or face to face meeting is then set up once we have the report from the RMR test.  This session is for us to look into your current dietary choices, habits and reasons why.  This information will be taken from the pre-nutritional screening questionnaire that you will fill out before arriving.  You will also be asked to fill in a typical 5 day food diary on the app MyFitnessPal.  This is so that we will have a good idea of your typical macronutrient breakdown and calorie intake.

The RMR test result will give us the basic calorie needs of your body just to sustain life.  We can add this to the calories required for activities of daily living in order to get an accurate calorie target to maintain weight, and also an accurate calorie target to allow healthy weight loss.

Nutrition Periodisation is hugely important and will be explained: Simply put, eating appropriately to your activity levels in terms of food choices, lower carbohydrate intake when appropriate to do so and importance of eating times. Opportunity to ask questions around your dietary habits

Once you gain an understanding of the above topics you will be in a much better position to make healthier, more informed dietary decisions.  The RMR result will give you an accurate daily calorie requirement and we can alter this to achieve weight loss through a calorie deficit.  The RMR report will also tell us your rate of metabolism.  This is a key metric and can be increased through increasing lean muscle mass.  You will be instructed on how to go about this, should this advice be recommended.

You will need to fill out a pre-nutritional consultation questionnaire, which can be downloaded here

The initial session (part one) is 30mins in length and part two is 30-45mins

You can book your nutrition consultation with RMR testing here.

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