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Curious to know if you are physiologically healthy?

Introducing you to this new service launching on the 5th of January 2022. I’ve been busy building the physio bike fitting business and as part of that I began testing my clients over the past two years using the PNOE metabolic gas analysis device. Having really got a hold on how to interpret the data from the metabolic gas analysis PNOE kit, I am now in a position to team this with other measurements and experience to offer a comprehensive health check service. This service is directed at the general public and not athletes. It will examine the following:

– Waist-to-hip ratio and BMI
– Skinfold measurements
– Blood pressure
– Resting metabolic rate and rate of metabolism (very important metrics for both general health and achieving successful weight loss)
– Lung capacity (Key measurements especially for those with Long Covid)
– VO2 Max (Not just for athletes! It is a major predictor of cardiorespiratory fitness and therefore cardiovascular diease)
– Mobility Screening
– Mental health screening
– Dietary screening (including a zoom call at a later date)

We will not be taking bloods, but can signpost to GP if required.
We use the results to create a health and fitness plan for you.
​Any abnormal results will be used to guide you for further investigation with your GP.

A little more info

Waist to hip ratio: This is a simple yet important measurement as an indicator for health and can be used to assess your risk for diabetes and heart disease.
Skinfold measurements: A technique to estimate how much body fat is on the body. This technique has good inter-rater reliability meaning that it is a reliable way of measuring skinfold thickness as long as the measurements and repeat measurements are taken by the same person using the caliper.
Blood pressure: No need for explanations here. High blood pressure is linked with heart attacks and stroke, along with aneurysms, heart failure, problems with vision and kidney failure.

Resting Metabolic Rate: The resting metabolic rate test is used to determine an accurate calorie intake required for a client’s basic requirements, from which a suitable daily calorie intake can be determined.

People looking to lose weight need to maintain a healthy calorie deficit. The target calorie amount will be identified by the RMR test. The RMR test will also reveal the client’s rate of metabolism. Increasing your metabolic rate is one of the important factors associated with successful and lasting weight loss.

Your diet, exercise plan and other methods can be adjusted to increase the rate of metabolism and also bring about a calorie deficit.

We can also assess your breathing rate and quality here to assess for hyperventilation at rest. Lung Capacity/Spirometry: We use the MIR Spirobank which is a handheld, diagnostic spirometer to allow us to carry out lung function tests. One of which is your lung volume (Forced vital capacity) and the other is called forced expiratory volume (FEV1), i.e the amount of air you can exhale in one second. The forced expiratory volume is used to diagnose asthma and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).
These measurements are also used to match up with your VO2Max test in order to see if you are capable of using your lung volumes during exercise.

VO2 Max ramp test: This test on the treadmill or stationary bike is used to determine the health of your cardiopulmonary system, since a person’s VO2peak (highest amount of oxygen consumption in ml per minute per kilogram of body weight during exercise) is very closely linked to cardiovascular health. The test has been shown to be able to detect cardiovascular disease early on.

This test will also measure the person’s breathing quality, as we know that hyperventilation effects 10-12% of the population and can lead to a respiratory limitation to reaching your optimal performance potential.

Many other metrics are measured from the data following your VO2Max test, more info on this test here
Mobility/Movement Screen: This is simply using my physiotherapy qualification and experience to assess how you are moving and carry out some baseline tests to get an idea of where you are at. We pay particular attention to the function of the foot and ankle which has a big influence on injury risk. If currently injured, rehab advice is given.
With regards to the tests, we look at single leg heel raise endurance test, a lower limb strength test in the form of a step up, a press up test and a core strength/endurance test.

An exercise plan is then put together based on the findings from the movement screening assessment.
Dietary screening: Having a qualification in Nutritional Science (BSc), I feel in a strong position to offer advice in this area. You will be asked to fill in a detailed questionnaire investigating all aspects of your diet, not excluding emotional drivers and stress eating. This questionairre will also ask what your exact goals are in terms of your dietary habits so as we are both on the same page with our nutritional approach. We also ask that you use a food recording app to record a 5-7 day typical food diary.
Using the questionnaire, the food diary and the results from the RMR measurement, we then schedule a zoom call where we put together a realistic plan to meet your goals.
Mental health screen: We use a reliable questionnaire to assess your mental health. If necessary, referral to your doctor will be suggested.


RMR and VO2 Test : €220

Skinfold measurement

Waist: Hip ratio

Blood pressure: €20

Movement screening and exercise plan: €30

Dietary screening and Nutrition consultation: €70

Mental health screening questionnaire: €0

Total: €310, includes 10% discount if opting for all services.

Feel free to add or subtract services that you wish to include or remove.

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