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Find out what is causing the problem and solve it with our RunFit service.


  • Chat over injury history and current training plan
  • Movement and muscle screening tests that are specific to running
  • Tuck Jump test to assess lower limb biomechanics
  • Gait analysis on treadmill using movement analysis software
  • Gait analysis outdoors using Leomo motion sensor technology as this allows for a more realistic assessment and insight into the many metrics involved in running.
  • Running metrics such as vertical oscillation, landing pattern (foot strike), thigh swing speed, ground contact time and cadence are measured. These are all connected to running form and technique.
  • For instance, research shows that running with a cadence less than 166 steps per minute is linked with 6 fold increase in shin pain vs cadence of 178 and above.
  • An increase of 5% in step rate results in a decrease of 20% in knee joint load. We know that a cadence of 171 and above will reduce risk of knee pain.
  • Simple cues are given that are shown to result in positive changes to your running
  • Physiotherapy advise/treatment included


Example of metrics recorded with the Leomo motion sensor technology. 



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