RMR Test
Cost: 90EUR
Advanced Report: 110EUR

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The resting metabolic rate test is used to determine an accurate calorie intake required for a client’s basic requirements, from which a suitable daily calorie intake can be determined.

People looking to lose weight need to maintain a healthy calorie deficit. The target calorie amount will be identified by the RMR test. The RMR test will also reveal the client’s rate of metabolism. Increasing your metabolic rate is one of the important factors associated with successful and lasting weight loss.

The diet and exercise plan can be manipulated to increase the rate of metabolism and also bring about a calorie deficit.

Each resting metabolic rate test will take 10mins. Clients can combine this test with a nutrition consultation to complete the picture. If combining this test with a nutrition consultation, you will be asked to record a five-day food diary. The food diary and RMR test results are used during the nutrition consultation to help steer you in the right direction for your desired goal.

The Advanced report goes into a lot more detail including a breakdown of your macronutrient ratios depending on your goals. Click the below link to download an example Advanced RMR report.

PNOE Precision Nutrition Plan

If you are looking for a structured eating plan that is based on your RMR result and your dietary preferences, this is a great option.  The PNOE precision nutrition platform is flexible in that you can change any meal plan suggestion for any given day/meal and the plan will also adapt and change depending on your activity levels.  A very useful addition to the software is that it will compile a shopping list for you at the beginning of the week so that you can prepare all the suggested meals without any hassle.  The plan is designed by a team of dietitians and specifically tailored to you because it is created on the results of a detailed questionnaire that you fill out after your RMR test.

What makes it different

Highly Individualised:

  • Food restrictions, diet (vegan, paleo, etc), or cultural preferences are respected and incorporated into the diet plans
  • Designed to achieve your nutritional goals
  • Offers the ability to change options to suit food availability or choice


  • Automatic shopping list function
  • Integrates with all fitness trackers and food trackers
  • Immediately adjusts your nutrition to your synced workouts
  • Able to adjust your weekly caloric intake if overeating/undereating

Cost:  Initial fee of €50 and a monthly fee of €15

Sample report of RMR

What to expect

Every test needs a retest

The real benefit to all of this is making the necessary changes based on your initial RMR test and then undergoing a retest in 8 weeks to examine the improvements and to suggest further changes to ensure ongoing success.  The ratio of fats:carbs can be positively altered by increasing the volume of low intensity exercise with the inclusion of short intervals of high intensity combined with dietary changes.  This ratio will be monitored at the retest to ensure it is going in the right direction.  With regards to metabolic rate, this can be enhanced with a resistance exercise program, or increasing caloric intake if previously too low.

Packages available:
Initial and follow up RMR : €155
Initial plus follow up at 8 weeks and again at 16 weeks : €210


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