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To be BikeFit is to be set up correctly on a bike to suit your ability and purpose.

A physio bike fit is an assessment of you and you on your bike.  The bike can be adjusted to fit you, but more importantly, your body can be adjusted to fit your bike.

After completing a bike fit course called ‘The Science of Cycling’ under Bike Specialist Physiotherapist Paul Visentini from Melbourne, I began to carry out physio-led bike fit sessions whilst at my previous place of work in Edinburgh.  It was great working with cyclists of all abilities, with different needs.  I felt the musculoskeletal screening prior to the bike fit was a successful combination alongside the nutritional advice specific to cycling presented in a group setting as part of the package.  I have since completed more courses on cycling injury rehab and physio bike fitting and have seen many clients since starting the bike fit service in May 2016.  Read the reviews on my website below, or on the Facebook page @thebikefitphysio.

If the idea of a fully comprehensive bike fit interests you, then zip over to my dedicated website to look into the physio-led bike fitting service in greater detail.

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